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Hellboy 3: A Netflix Original Series?

We've not seen Hellboy on-screen for around thirteen years, so it's fair to say it's been a while, unless you, like myself, have revisited them since because they're genuinely quite good, very true to their comic origins and display some of the top tier CGI and make-up transformations in cinema. Well, turns out it may very well end up sitting nicely amidst your 'my list' section of Netflix very soon as the newest addition to the Netflix Originals.

Very recently Guillermo Del Toro, via his Twitter account, posted a poll on whether fans would like to see a Hellboy 3 film, and if the poll accumulated 100,000 votes, he guaranteed that he would arrange a sit-down meeting between himself (Hellboy director), Ron Perlman (Hellboy himself), and the man who created Hellboy, writes, illustrates and owns the rights to the character, Mike Mignola.

That was only just longer than 7 hours the poll had been up and already it had gathered 60,000 votes, the original post is now deleted but it ended up with around 250,000 votes before the 24 hour Twitter poll time limited was reached. So it's fair to say the fans very much had yearned for a third instalment to cap off and neatly finalise the Guillermo Del Toro Hellboy trilogy. Alas, the meeting went ahead but Del Toro delivered the verdict from the meeting a few weeks ago to his own, and many fans', displeasure which was swiftly followed by Mignola's response.

Mike Mignola all but confirms suspicions that somewhere along the line, and post-Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, himself and Del Toro had encountered some creative differences regarding their visions for the franchise, Perlman opting in favour of GDT's plans. It seems blatantly obvious that the disagreement was very final, Mignola obviously not willing to budge on his plans with no intention of making a third film in the series. This very much leaves the door open, as many other 'fairly succesful' or cult film series have done, to instead take the TV series approach, having fared so well for other franchises recently - Netflix Original: A Series of Unfortunate Events has enjoyed great success in its new direction for example. 

Considering GDT's recent Netflix Original release Trollhunters, an animated series which has had great reviews so far, it seems massively unlikely he's willing to change stance from the idea of directing any other adaption of Hellboy, especially one that doesn't star his close friend Ron Perlman. The idea of a Hellboy animated series didn't seem totally out of he question, especially considering there are two animated graphic novel adaptions out there already - Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron & Sword of Storms, projects that were also overseen by Del Toro and Mignola, with Perlman reprising the main role. It does seem we won't be finding out what a newer take on a Hellboy animated series would ever look like, but there's hope for Hellboy yet.

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The fact of the matter is definitely a when and how rather than an if, there's such a following behind the series by film and graphic novel/comic readers alike now that it'd be foolish for most streaming sites and companies like Amazon Prime, Netflix or even HBO to shy away from the series, the interest is there. I personally would love to see a grim and gritty almost detective like series, possibly even R-rated, reincarnation of the  Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. This could even open the door to something similar to what Marvel are currently doing with their 4 separate Netflix Original projects that will ultimately lead to a Marvel's Defenders film release in the near future. 

Hellboy always has been Mignola's baby and as much as myself and many other fans love the two Guillermo Del Toro directed films, I'm fully trusting of what Mike has planned for the cigar-chewing, fist thumping, gigantic pistol shooting, big red comic book anti-hero and the franchise as a whole. 

(Hellboy2: The Golden Army, Guillermo Del Toro, 2004. Image found at:

Below is Ron Perlman's fairly light-hearted approach to the situation and his reactions to both GDT's and Mignola's tweets, although you can tell he's just as disheartened as GDT that he won't be donning the horns one final time.

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  1. Hell-boy only reminds me of my son’s birthday party where he wanted to become him. It was funny dressing him up and he had a great time that day. They all sat together and watched the movie and after that I lined up some good shows by Andy Yeatman on Netflix for them.