Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Logan - Review

(Logan, James Mangold, 2017. Image found at: http://comicbook.com/marvel/2017/02/21/logan-post-credits-scene-confirmed/)

It was announced prior to filming that Logan would be Hugh Jackman's last appearance with his ever-entertaining on-screen partner; the adamantium claws. Jackman has portrayed the role of X-Men's Wolverine for 17 years now, so I, like many other fans, was sad and excited about his final appearance as the character - which had been revealed to be based upon the 'old-man' version of the Marvel comic book favourite.

Following the success of his fellow comic book best-frienemy Deadpool's success (Ryan Reynolds) in his R-rated debut, Hugh Jackman was finally given the key to his rightful home amongst the R-rated action classics it had always deserved, and it does not disappoint. James Mangold and Jackman had their hearts set on how this film should be approached, gritty, emotional, final and of course, R-rated to fully unleash jackman upon the role and Wolverine upon his foes.

A far take from the recent world of the X-Men film franchise, Logan takes place in 2029 a time when a new mutant hasn't been born in over 25 years, technological advances within society are frighteningly real, and the mutants of old are all but extinct- The Wolverine a forgotten fable. This is wolverine as we've never before seen on-screen and Jackman absolutely delivers his most powerful performance ever as his staple character just as Patrick Stewart does with Professor X. The surrounding cast are just as impressive, the mutants selected to feature fit perfectly with no signs of forced cameos, not to mention Dafne Keen's outstanding film-debut.

Logan features a narrative that is not only the most realistic feeling superhero movie released in recent memory, but expertly weaves a story that doesn't feel like a superhero movie. Described as a neo-western, Logan is about mutants, it truly highlights what it feels like to live as a mutant especially at a time when the world seems to only be looking ahead and mutantkind are left in the shade or in most cases pushed towards the darkness.

Logan is miles apart from any other Wolverine film with such attractive cinematography, beautiful storytelling and engrossing action scenes. This film had me so invested from the beginning, it's everything a fan of the character,  and Jackman's portrayal,  could have dreamed of and more - especially with the backdrop of sub-par X-Men films. I truly believe Logan will go down as a classic and strongly recommend you see it in cinemas while you still can!

(Logan, 2017, James Mangold. Image found at: https://www.yahoo.com/movies/logan-lets-talk-about-that-final-scene-spoilers-223803097.html)

Liam Biddle

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