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Dragon Ball Then and Now: 5 Reasons You Should Watch It Again

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Dragon Ball has always, at least to me, been something that I've always appreciated, most likely with a sprinkling of the nostalgia filter these days but I'm sure I'm not alone on that. Whether you used to be a fan, have always been or like my self have always low-key enjoyed seeing it still around here are 5 reasons that you should revisit the series that still has something to offer you after all these years.

1. No matter what colour Goku's hair is, it's still the same Dragon Ball it's always been

I can't say I've watched every episode of the series nor every movie, but I've watched more than enough to know the more Dragon Ball seems to change the more it stays the same. I watched the most recently released film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F a few days ago after not having watched a full episode - usually just re-watching old fights on Youtube - for a few years and I was pleasantly surprised. Now, let's be honest Goku is here to stay, but somehow, the series continues to produce almost new main character prodigies or sons that come close to comparing to him all the while Goku eclipses his own power level - and trust me, it's far more than 9000 now.

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2. The fighting, the animation, the dialogue - everything is still improving

Of course it is, as technology advances and new creative minds enter the fold the series is evolving. Comparing the early animation to what it is today,  it's really quite a satisfying jump in quality. The editing and fluency of animation is much more crisp and smooth across all sequences, especially noticeable during the classic fight scenes where one action doesn't consume thirty seconds. The choreography - yes, just because it's animated doesn't mean movements aren't choreographed - is more of a fluent duel than a turn based 'your move, my move'. Obviously, this doesn't rule out Goku laying some beatdowns with a kamehameha here and there to have an equally powerful attack returned but that's just classic Dragonball that should never change.

3. The character evolution 

A lot of people are weary of change, especially within the thin ice layer that is a cult classic, but the change Dragonball introduces are rarely ever disappointing. Unexpected, unpredictable, unbelievable but never disappointing. Due to the wish granting power of having collected all the dragon balls, death is highly unlikely to mean complete finality. Hell I can't keep count of the amount of times Frieza has returned in a new form but not once has it been a step backward in terms of viewing quality and because of this, you can really create bonds with these animated characters and their own story arcs and progression.

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4. The plethora of new characters

One of the great things about the Dragon Ball universe is that there aren't too many limitations when it comes to new story arcs, planets and time zones which means there are many many possibilities for new characters being introduced to the series. The movies are fiends for introducing new characters but this really isn't a bad thing, actually quite the opposite, it's nice that there's the crossover and just because you don't fancy watching an entire animated movie, you'll still get to meet the characters. The diversity is immense and each new character always brings something different be it an upset in the power balance or some comic qualities.

5. The new series is just getting started

With a hearty core group of the OG's - the likes of your Goku, your Piccolo and your Krillin, no matter where you hop in or back in on the series it really doesn't matter all that much, it's still exactly what you come to watch. Dragon Ball Super came out of nowhere in late 2015 to resurrect the series and is currently in its third season and is thriving with a healthy combination of the old and the new. Sitting at 8.2/10 and 8.8/10 on IMDb and respectively, if ever there was a time to return to Dragon Ball, it's now.

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