Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Okja - Review

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If I told you, a blockbuster film will be released, a film that not only tackles some truly controversial and scary subjects, displays pure human emotion from mental instability and depression to utter happiness, and then sprinkled an outstanding cast featuring not only established and familiar talent but is in fact led by an amazing young girl - now, that already sounds award worthy. Make no mistake, Okja is award worthy and I still can't grasp the excitement that comes with being given a film like that upon release that I watched in my home mere minutes after.

Dark Tourism - A Short Film on a Shielded Topic

Chris Lloyd, a filmmaker and student in his final year at USW Cardiff, recently released a short film called Trips to Tragedy: Dark Tourism concerned with the controversial yet therapeutic experience of dark tourism. As you may have guessed, this specific 'genre' of tourism is associated with tragedies and loss in most cases, think serial killers, natural disasters, unsolved horrors. The punishing factor of the subject is the realism of these instances, the kind of realism that wraps around your ankles and hauls you back down to sorrow and disbelief, but fundamentally brings you down to the depths of the world you live in.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Give it a Chance: Rick and Morty

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Most people have heard of Rick and Morty by now, whether it be from small clips on social media, a friend ranting and raving about it or in references you don't understand and then promptly informed 'it's from Rick and Morty, you should watch it!'. Well, you should. The big off-putting factor of Rick and Morty for those who have ruled out watching it is because it's an adult cartoon. The connotations of an adult cartoon mostly imply vulgar jokes, non-realism, a bunch of sketch-like  'bits' between the plot of an episode and not much substance. Frankly, Rick and Morty throws that to the wind to the point you'll be grasping for more little bits and finding yourself guilt-ridden as you catch yourself laughing and realise, damn, this isn't actually bad at all. Think how big and unlikely The Simpsons emerged originally as an adult cartoon and add a little extra funky.

Friday, 16 June 2017

The 2 Hour Film Dilemma

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Now, we've all been there, you're all ready to start sifting through Netflix with your friends or partner when the dreaded 'so what do you wanna watch?' question makes its inevitable return. You're left uncertain, wondering what the others around you fancy, is there a compromise or something everyone is feeling? You stumble across a Django Unchained or Watchmen and think aha! I've been meaning to watch this or one of your group does and the rest follow suit, you've heard all good things so it just makes sense, but wait... It's over two hours long and, for some reason, this sets of alarm bells.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Access Files: Mahershala Ali

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What we see of actors on-screen is just a snippet, Access Files are my aim to look  at their influence beyond the screen.

Mahershala Ali, the man most people will recognise from his role in Oscar's 2017 Best Picture winner Moonlight, as well as picking up the Best Supporting Actor award for himself on the night. Now, to say Ali is a new face to film would be entirely untrue, but it can't be denied he has certainly burst into mainstream media and success in the past few years. So let's look at everything Ali from his film debut and history, his accomplishments, future works and his influence outside of film.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Wonder Woman - Review

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It was less than a year ago that came the crushing two-punch of Batman vs. Superman; Dawn of Justice followed by the even more painful blow of Suicide Squad - which we were just hoping wouldn't  suck. It's fair to say quite a lot of people had just given up hope in the DC cinematic universe of late, seemingly always cowering behind the Marvel Avengers. However, a shining hero is about to pull them from the depths and that is Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins.