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Baby Driver - Review

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I'd say Edgar Wright's Baby Driver was like a musical without the song and dance but, well... there is song and dance. Not in a traditional sense, or exactly like a musical because that word still strikes fear into a lot of film-goers and I disagree but you know, I get it. Baby Driver is like a musical in the undeniable rhythmic feel of the film, there's a great soundtrack that integrates into each scene, which I'm always a sucker for, especially in this instance where it seems to signify more than just the tempo.

I could honestly list every actor involved in this film and explain how they had a really strong performance but I shouldn't have to, the film has a great script, great characters, and talented actors who come in and push things that much further towards great storytelling. There is honestly little to fault in this film direction wise, unless you're against the 'perfectionism' of some aspects of the narrative and prefer a more grounded, gritty realism. I struggled between the two during this film and realised that I'd never seen the perfectionism take done so well, on what is essentially a heist film with some added oomph, and it's a lot of oomph.

Baby Driver would be like taking the great driving sequences of the Fast and Furious franchise, no really trust me, there are some good sequences in those, and giving it to a director who understands how to make a great movie and tell a powerful story with his own creative licence. Every driving sequence of this film is satisfying but it's not constantly forced in your face, and the balance between perfectionism and creative impulse reflects itself in the visuals and narrative. The dialogue is fresh and amusing with that little slice of classic/retro nostalgia that surrounds Baby (Ansel Elgort). I can easily see comparison's between Baby Driver and Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive, the latter here however has those rough edges and sharp corners that Wright stores to contrast the beauty of the underground crime scene. It's a strong film which includes the stamp of a  penultimate red mustang scene, and trust in that process, it's a good 'un (see: Donnie Darko, Nightcrawler etc).

When I first saw the title Baby Driver my expectations were already off-guard, I saw the first trailer and realised it looked like quite a fun ride, but not too much was given away to the point that I was very unprepared on how different and unique a film it was. Combining the creative talents of Edgar Wright and some inspiring performances the artistic approach to this combination of classic sub-genres accumulates into a steering-wheel gripping, handbrake crunching ballad of a film.

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