Hey, my name's Liam, I'm a 21 year old English and Creative Writing student at the University of Dundee in Scotland. Since my first year, and during a summer access course before my admission I've taken a Film Studies module and absolutely fallen in love with the film industry and cinema as a whole. It's hard not to love if you ask me, but learning all the history and techniques has furthered my appreciation for the art. For almost 2 years now I've written film reviews for my university's review of arts website - DURA, you should check it out - after regular visits to my local independent cinema the DCA here in Dundee. I love writing and I love cinema and I thought what better way to improve my knowledge of both than by creating my own space where I'm not simply writing reviews, but I'm able to share my own articles and thoughts about different film topics.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I love writing them and I'll aim to post regularly between my studies. Feel free to post comments, e-mail me or reach out to me via my social media in the side bar - Thank you!

(I really enjoy a good flamingo shirt, I mean who doesn't?)

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